About Butler Point

The fabulous time savers!

There are so many nice things to do. That’s why we say: just do them! Don’t let anything stop you from spending your leisure time doing something you love. Arguments such as: ‘Oh no, I have to do this before I can do something nice’ are no longer necessary. We will take care of your to-do list, which enables you to enjoy your leisure time more. Sounds good, right?

More leisure time

Butler Point wants to improve life in office and apartment buildings by offering a hospitality service on location. Our butlers take care of linen services, car washing, yoga or other sport lessons, flower service, shoemaker, bicycle repairs.

Virtually invisible

A Butler Point location is the central point for all residents or staff members in the building. Butler Point takes care of all services and organizes the introduction for (future) users. We offer a combination of online service (webshop), a fluent process and a high level personal service. We cooperate with local suppliers with a high quality standards to deliver all services on location.

Butler Point is a product of Do Company. You can find more information at www.docompany.nl.

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