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How it works

The hospitality service that makes your residential complex or company building even more comfortable!

Enhance the attractiveness of your building or company

Living and working become even more comfortable in a building that has a Butler Point. Because Butler Point is a hospitality service for residential complexes and company buildings, aiming to take care of all your household-related needs. Butler Point takes chores off the hands of the building’s consumers (residents or employees) for which they lack the time or willingness to do them themselves. And the best thing is: (almost) everything is possible, but nothing is obligated.

Laundry and dry-cleaning

Moving Service

Clothing repair


Bike repair




Pies & Cakes


Group lessons

Personal trainer


House cleaning service

Package Service


Christmas trees

And more

For whom?

Butler Point is a service that building owners, property managers, project developers and companies can use to make the stay in their building even more pleasant for all users. The building will have a fixed point of contact to which tasks can be given to, such as cleaning and ironing clothes, washing cars, ordering flowers, hiring a masseur or personal trainer and much more. The service is paid for by the client, the individual services by the customer: the resident or employee.

How it works

Butler Point first examines the needs and wishes of the users in your building. The scope of the services is determined together with the client.

Your building will get a Butler Point, a place where a butler is present at fixed times as a point of contact, to perform tasks and to process orders.

Users get access to the Butler Point website. Products and services can be ordered with just a few clicks. We arrange the delivery and execution process from A to Z.

All services are supplied by carefully selected local suppliers that meet the high quality that Butler Point considers important.

In consultation with the client, residents or employees, Butler Point organizes events that contribute to the sense of community in your building: BBQs, lectures, workshops, etc.

The hospitality concept of Butler Point can be tailored to your corporate identity. This co-branding reflects on your brand and strengthens your positioning and competitive position.

The Zalmhaven

The Zalmhaven is located in the center of Rotterdam. The inhabitants of Rotterdam are known to be hardworking and dedicated. Butler Point creates a much more pleasant life for the residents of the Zalmhaven.


Valley is a new form of city life that merges the best of two worlds: urban and green environments. Butler Point brings the concept of ease to this unique living space.


The ultimate living experience with a breathtaking view of Scheveningen and the availability of Butler Point services.

Toren van Oud

Since 2020, Butler Point is taking many chores off the hands of the residents of these 38 short-stay apartments.


The Gortercomplex in Leiden was delivered in 2020 and ever since the residents have been able to experience the ease of Butler Point services.

The Hooch

The luxurious apartments of The Hooch will be delivered in the first quarter of 2022. The residents will immediately be able to make use of Butler Point services.

The Parkwachter

The Parkwachter is a small scale building with 43 luxurious owner-occupied apartments. Also here, Butler Point will soon be working on the to-do lists of the residents.

The Stadhouders

A special construction project in The Hague with space for 280 apartments. Butler Point provides these with the luxurious and relaxing feeling of being at home.


At the Scheveningseweg, living in one of these 143 apartments is even more comfortable with Butler Point.

Finest of Ockenburgh

Butler Point enhances the customer value and living experience of these 51 apartments, while simultaneously improving their rentability.


Butler Point provides the residents of these 104 apartments with the feeling of relaxation.

Hyde Park

A new residential area that will be realized in 2022 for Starters, Young Professionals, Empty Nesters and Families who will enjoy the advantages of Butler Point.

Try it!

Butler Point is a service from Do Company tailored for the business market. Please contact Carlijn via the telephone number below to discuss the cooperation and possibilities for your building or company.
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Carlijn Oosthoek

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